Wyllie Fox Farm grows over 250 varieties of organic vegetable, herb, and flower seedlings, helping gardeners and other small farmers get a head start on their growing season since 2012. We believe the integrity of the crop originates from the seed- which is why we grow organic from the start, never using herbicides, or fungicides, and hand-select the best to bring to market each week.

If you don’t see the seedling variety you need please contact us.


Arugula: Astro

Basil: Sweet, Lemon, Purple Dark Opal, Sweet Thai, Cinnamon, Holy

Beans: Royal Burgundy, Gold Rush, Provider, Kentucky Wonder Pole, Shirofumi Soy

Beets: Red Ace, Chioggia, Detroit Dark Red, Touchstone Gold


Broccoli: Belstar

Brussels sprouts: Nautic

Cabbage: Caraflex, Red Express, Impala, Farao

Cantaloupe: Delicious 51

Carrots: Danvers

Cauliflower: Snowball

Chard: Rainbow, Fordfork Giant, Rhubarb

Cilantro: Caribe

Collards: Champion

Corn: Luscious, My Fair Lady, Fisher’s Earliest

Cucumbers: Calypso Pickeling, Marketmore, Green Finger, Suyo Long

Dill: Bouquet

Eggplant:  Black Beauty, Listada De Gandia, Little Fingers,  Lucky Green, Orient Express, Ping Tung Long, Snowy, Rosa Bianca, Rosita

Fennel: Florence

Flowers: Sunflower, China Aster, Calendula, Zinnia, Marigolds, Cosmos

Kale: Red Russian, Lacinato/Dinosaur, White Russian, Winterbor

Kohlrabi: Kordial

Lettuce: Green Towers, Emerald Oak, Kweik, New Red Fire, Lovelock, Freckles, Forellenschluss, Optima,Mangenta, Red SaladBowl, Pomegranate Crunch

Mustard Greens: Green Wave

Okra: Clemson spineless

Parsley: Giant of Italy

Peas: Cascadia Sugar Snap Peas, Oregon Sugar Pod Snow Peas, GreenArrow Shelling Peas

Peppers: Ace, Banana, Ancho, California Wonder, Capperino, Carmen, Caribbean Red Habanero, Chocolate Habanero, Corno Di Torro Rosso, Craig’s Grande Jalapeño, Cubanelle, Emerald Green, Early Jalapeno, Etiuda, Flavorburst, Golden California Wonder, Golden Marconi, Gourmet, Highlander, Hot Papper Lantern, Hot Rod, Hungarian Hot Wax, Jalafuego, Jimmy Nardello Italian, Joe E Parker, Jupiter, King of the North, Lemon Drop, Lightning, Lipstick, Lively Italian Yellow, Lively Italian Orange, Lunchbox Orange, Olympus, Padron, Piecework, Purple Beauty, Red Cheese, Red Marconi, Red Rocket, Ring-O-Fire, Round of Hungry, Serrano Tampequino, Sweet Chocolate, Sweet Sunrise, Tabasco, Thai Burapa, Thai Red Chili, Trinidad Scorpion, Yankee Bell

Pumpkins: New England Pie, Howden




Summer squash: Straight Neck Yellow Summer, Zucchini, Ronde de Nice

Tomatillos: Verde, Purple

Tomatoes: Amish Paste, Andreevsky’s Surprise, Aunt Ruby’s German Green, Beefsteak, Bellstar, Bing Cherry, Black Cherry, Black Krim, Black Prince, Brandywine, Cherokee Green, Cherokee Purple, Copia, Dad’s Sunset, DeBaroa Red, Depp’s Pink Firefly, Esterino, Five Star Grape, Flame, Frenche, German Johnson, Giant Lemon Ukranian, Gilberte, Glacier,  Golden Domes, Golden Heart, Golden Jubilee, Golden Sunray, Gold Nugget, Grandma Mary’s Paste, Grandmother’s Secret, Great White, Green Bell Pepper Tomato, Green Moldovan, Green Pear, Green Zebra, Heinz, Honey Bunch Grape, Honey Drops, Jujubee Cherry, Juliet, Kenigsberg Red, King’s Present, Mark Twain, Martino’s Roma, Medovo, Mikado, Mortgage Lifter, Moskvich, Matt’s Wild Cherry, Mountain Princess, Nepal, Opalka, Orange Banana, Orange Peach, Oregon Spring, Paul Robeson, Peacevine, Pineapple Bicolor, Pink Bumble Bee, Principe Berghese, Pruden’s Purple, Red Fig/pear, Red Peach, Red Zebra, Riesentraube, Roma, Rosa de Berne, Rozovyi Kilogrammovyi, Rutgers, San Marzano, Snow White, Soldacki, Speckled Roman, Stupice, Stripped German, Sugar Bison, Sungold, Sub-Arctic Plenty, Sweetie, Valencia, Violet Jasper, Wapsipinicon Peach, Weisnicht’s Ukranian, White Cherry, White Tomesol, Yellow Brandywine, Yellow Pear

Watermelon: Sugar Baby, Moon and Stars

Winter squash: Sweet REBA Acorn, Buttercup, Delicata, Red Kuri, Blue Hubbard, Waltham Butternut, Spaghetti


CNY REGIONAL FARMERS MARKET:  2100 Park St, Syracuse, NY 13208
Thursdays | May- June 7AM- 2PM | A-Shed #47
Saturdays | May- June 7AM- 2PM | F-Shed #52 / #54
Sundays | May- June 7AM- 2PM | C-Shed #31

NATUR-TYME: 3160 Erie Blvd E, Syracuse, NY 13214
Thursdays |  May 4PM-7PM

CHUCK HAFNER’S MARKET & GARDEN CENTER:  7265 Buckley Rd, North Syracuse, NY 13212
We have partnered with Chuck Hafner’s Garden Center to offer you a selection of our most popular varieties of organic seedlings, daily from mid May until late June.

WYLLIE FOX FARM:  3745 Allen Road, Cato, NY 13033
We do our best to bring a wide variety of our offerings to farmers markets and retailers for your convenience, however availability does vary from week to week. Put our Open Farm Day on your calendars and shop your seedlings direct from the source- or request an appointment. Mondays and Thursdays are best.  Call/ Text Jamie: 315-427-8266




Wyllie Fox Farm is proud to partner with farmers, retailers, garden centers, and community educators.
Save time, reduce risk, let Wyllie Fox Farm get you started! We can grow just about any variety of anything you would like as long as we can get seed that meets the requirements for USDA organic certification.

Call / Text Jamie to request a quote or set up a consultation (315) 427-8266
Seedlings are available in flats of 72 or 50 for Farmer- to-Farmer distribution.
Flats of (8) six packs (48) for resale discount pending on quantity.


10% off Wholesale orders placed by Feb 15th (50% down) minimum order of $250.